Virbela is an immersive educational tool designed to create a socially connected educational world. Virbela gives users the possibility to create virtual campuses and educational spaces. This tool gives the opportunity to increase engagement, create virtual socialisation spaces, enable connections, and raise participants' interactions fostering the construction of a sense of community. Virbela engages online education for deeper learning.

Description of the tool

Virbela is a 3d virtual space designed specifically for immersive education, collaboration, conferences, meetings, brainstorming etc.  In Virbela you can create spaces designated to solve specific problems. Spaces such as Classroom (perfect virtual classroom environment for up to 30 students), Auditorium (Space for Large lectures, assemblies, and shows were a thousand participants can attend), Outdoor Campus (An open area for walking, talking, events, or hanging out), Office (create your personalised office space for faculty or meetings), Expo Hall (exhibition hall space for recruitment, job fairs, info sessions, and much more), Venue ( Entertainment space for better engagement, concerts, readings, plays, and more). Virbela doesn’t just give you the possibility to modify spaces but it gives the flexibility create avatars for the flair of personality. Virbela virtual space allows interacting with participants as you would in real life exchange. Virbela enable the beginning of conversations, socialisation, and offer spaces for people to get to know each other. Avatars can also explore the study areas and meeting spots around campus or attend events. Most importantly, Virbela is great tool for knowledge transfer with a rich presentation toolset. Create immersive, interactive lessons and learning experiences by showcasing your PDFs, Powerpoint presentations, documents, sharing your screen and webcam, interacting with whiteboards as well as integrating any online software in virtual space.

Steps of application

Virbela has three packages to choose from an open campus, team suit and private campuses for enterprise needs.

Firstly, the organizations should evaluate their needs and choose the suitable package for their needs. Virbela open campus package is free and gives you the opportunity to organize events, meet people thanks to its including features such as: unlimited talk time, unlimited file sharing, customizable avatar, presenter tools, private chat, team building games,  and access to campus events among others. Private campus gives the opportunity to have fully customized environments, performance tracking, analysis, branded app etc. After registration, the user is immersed in virtual 3D reality where it is possible to have personalized avatars and interact with the given environment set by organizers. As said before, participants can interact with all the attendants, listen to lectures, make presentations, work in teams and explore all the possibilities of the created events.  As the platform provides virtual reality, it is possible to have a customized environment needed for the knowledge transfer. It is possible to create virtually any kind of event to aid engagement and natural interaction.


Virbela builds engaging virtual worlds for remote work, learning, and events. Founded in 2012 by a team of organizational psychologists, Virbela’s mission is to help organizations and people thrive in a remote-first future. With immersive 3D spaces that are deeply social and collaborative, Virbela brings business communities and in-person experiences to life online, while enabling remote teams to be more connected and productive. Whether you’re a start-up or a global organisation, a student or a CEO, teaching a class of ten or hosting an event for 10,000, Virbela suits all these needs.

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