The notion will help to create a collaborative databases useful for knowledge collective management and collection. The tool can create a freely accessible knowledge base with a user-friendly interphase. The notion enables to share events and data such as a workshop wiki, contact lists, event calendars, brains-storm spaces and similar features. It could also be useful as a management tool with its integrated Kabana boards and third party app integrations.

Description of the tool

Notion is a flexible multitool that allows for an easy way to create and manage ideas and information in a collaborative way. It gives users a unified space where they can manage a project, create a knowledge-base, manage a conference, and a branch from one place. By giving the users an easily navigable web/desktop application which is similar tools such as Word or PowerPoint, the notion helps new users to quickly adapt to the interphase and atmosphere. This tool  gives users a way to create a linked database that can be customized to their needs and can be shared via link, making it easy to access and manage it in a collective way. Notion also allows for easy task distribution by easy to make boards, todo lists and calendar views.

Steps of application

The notion could be implemented in three easy steps,

first would be the initial setup which will consist of registering for the service gathering all the separate data offline/online and unifying it on notion workspace.

The second step of application would consist of adapting the data and getting staff/group members familiar with the software and inviting every member of the team to the platform while customizing workspace and creating custom sections for information by themes.

Step three would be utilizing the tool in the workspace and understanding the many ways it can be applied. The notion can be used for effective knowledge transfer by creating a unified directory, a wiki of all the useful links, publications, tools: a  page that could be accessible for anyone. Notions free boards can be used in brainstorming sessions during workshops and as a collaborative environment. One of the main applications for notion is as a digital workspace. Due to its flexibility, it is easy to set up a todo's board and everything needed for operating a company/organization/collective of any kind. Many big brands such as Figma, Codecademy, blinkest, loom, Duolingo teams use it for that specific task. One more application is as a CRM to better connect with customers and better communications. The notion has hundreds of templates that make it easy to create any kind of database.


The company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. created as a tool to minimize the need for multiple tools for management and note taking. its been steadily growing being one of unicorn startups to boom before pandemic and continue the trend of growth during the COVID. Notion was recommended has been making its way thru startup, ngo and education fields for few years and has been slowly growing , it was recommended or mentioned by few companies , and I have been using it for couple years now. For example Artcross uses notion as its main knowledge-base and a workspace.Because of how easy it is to interact with collaborators, modify tables and create flexible plans just in few minutes .Plus ease of setup because of crowd sourced workspace templates and official templates that are designed to be used by companies from the go.

Context of origin

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